Who is the Wedding Rapper?

In short… I have been a songwriter, producer and recording artist for over 10 years. I have ghostwritten for UK urban artists and have also written, recorded and performed my own music for various online digital channels including BBC Introducing.

Why rap for weddings?

‚ÄčIt all began when I was given the honour of being my friend’s best man. I thought I would surprise the happy couple with an alternative to a best man’s speech; a bespoke rap which I wrote, recorded and then performed on the big day. As this was written for a friend I’ve known for many years, it was easy to create material for the rap. I included memories from nights out, embarrassing moments, as well as throwing in a few sincere, heartfelt thoughts. The reaction from the guests was amazing, as they could all relate to what was being said about the bride and groom. At that moment, it made me think other people too could experience the same entertainment for their special day.

The Wedding Rapper was born.

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