5 simple steps to creating your bespoke song.

  • Step 1: Get in touch

    Contact me using the form on this website and we can organise a first meeting, whether that be face-to-face, or via Skype. The purpose of this is so I can find out a bit more about you and what you want from your personalised experience.

  • Step 2: Complete the questionnaire

    I will provide a questionnaire for you to complete. The aim is to provide me with all of the information you’d like to have included into your personalised song. The form will include to what genre you would like the song performed. You may have a particular song in mind and this could be sourced for you.

  • Step 3: I get to work and create your song

    With the form complete, I can then use the information you provided to get the creative cogs working and construct your bespoke song for you.

  • Step 4: Let me know of any changes 

    When the song is written, a copy will be sent to you for approval and any changes you would like can be made. When you are 100% happy with everything, the song can be recorded.

  • Step 5: Live Performance or an MP3 for your DJ?  

    You can also choose whether you want me to turn up on the day for a live performance of the song or, alternatively you will have the song for your DJ to play on the day.

Lyric Videos


Disclaimer: All songs created by The Wedding Rapper for performance purposes/personal use only (including DJs to play at the specific wedding). I do not earn my fee from the song itself, only from the package that the couple chooses.

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